What CUSTOMERS say About our building materials / products

Supply House Owner

As you know, I been involved in the construction industry supplying an array of products to thousands of contractors for over 40 years. And you know I am a stickler when it comes to moisture infiltration that is destroying our homes. I know firsthand that a lot of it is do to poor quality sealing products that just do not seal properly especially when we start running into inclement weather conditions. To be an effective tape it has to stick to the wall so well that water can't flow under the tape. If it doesn't stick, it is worthless. Your flashing tapes are the most effective air & water barriers I have ever used and sold, and your tapes stick better than any other tapes I've ever tried. Good job, thanks, John R.

Lumber Yard Owner

Todd: I just want to let you know that we are almost out of Xtreme Weather Flash. I also want to let you know what I have been hearing lately now that winter is firmly upon us. We just had an inventory meeting and when flashing tape was brought up, yours was the only one that we needed to re-order because everyone of my customers that used it, do not want to use anything else I have in inventory, especially now in the cold wet weather. They will actually wait and put their install on hold until yours comes in. As you already know, yours is the only flashing tape I ever seen that sticks in this weather, this is pretty incredible. Just want to let you know it keeps my customers coming back without any complaints. P.S. I will be ordering more of your building materials shortly, Scott

Passive/Energy Home Builder

Hi Todd, good news and want to let you know I just got my Architect to spec the Energy Sill Sealer and new client to use it on their house that I will be starting to build shortly. After I showed them the test results I got back from a rater that did a blower door test on a previous house I completed which scored a phenomenal 0.36 ACH, they were extremely happy that I told them about the Energy Sill Sealer. The rater said it is the best score he has ever seen in doing over 8,000 test. I love the product and know it was a part of scoring such a awesome rating because I never got that great of a rating before I used your product. FYI: I will be promoting it to all my future customers and show them the huge benefit they will get using this product. For the money, no other product offers more energy savings. Thanks Eric.


Todd: I have built a couple of houses for myself in the past and been living in a fairly large colonial for the last 22 years which needs a facelift. New roof installed by a contractor, siding, soffit windows and doors replaced by me and my buddy. I was a little late at finding your company on the net so I had to buy flashing tape at the big box store until your flashing tape and other products arrived. Right from the start I noticed how sticky your tape was over what I bought at the box store. Unfortunately I ran out and had to go back to the big box store and buy some product to finish up. After using your products, I was appalled at the adhesive properties of these products because they did not even stick. They should be embarrassed to even sell products like these to contractors. I had to write and tell you it is great to find such excellent products and more people should know that they exist. I will never use any other products in the future except yours. Also, thanks for getting it to me ASAP, Ken.

U.S. Dept. Of Energy/Oakridge Building Technology Center

Energy Sill Sealer in conjunction with using the Max-Shield Perimeter Sill Flashing, when tested scored what is considered a perfect seal at the foundation/exterior wall interface assembly which is considered the #1 area for heat & conditioned air loss and moisture & air infiltration. After reviewing the test results, the conclusion was these two products used at that interface is a crucial factor in blocking air infiltration that could greatly increase a buildings overall energy efficiency resulting in significantly lower energy consumption.

Jan Kosney Phd. one of the leading  techincal directors overseeing this testing commented that for the ease of use, cost and energy savings, it would be ashamed if this product was not on every house built to maximize the buildings overall energy efficiency.

KODAN Engineering/ Building Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Graphics

Using ORNL building energy simulations, computations of Effective Leakage Area were performed for two identical two story 3,070 Sq. Ft. buildings. One of the buildings did not have any seals installed at the intersections between the walls and floors while the second building had the Weather-Bloc Sill Sealer & Max-Shield Perimeter sill flashing installed.


The building with the Weather-Bloc System reduced Total Effective Air Infiltration by 43% and using the ORNL test results, by over 50% which shows the worthiness of using a product that can conform to fill the voids and gaps between the two assemblies to stop air infiltration which is vital to having a building maintain energy efficiency.

Daunta Kosny  Ms. Sc. Civ. Eng.

Warranty / Service Company

Just want to THANK the Weather-Bloc team for their quick response in getting product to us. Your products are of great quality and our Tech's use your pan system on every door install. We have been now using this great product for over 6 years and will continue to be ordering it to prevent any future problems and leaks which hasn't occurred since using your pan system. Thanks, Holly 

Window / Door Installer

Hi Todd,  I can't believe how fast I get my orders from you guys. I placed my order on Monday and got them on Wednesday. I know  WeatherBloc is in WI and I am on the East coast, I was expecting the products in a week and I get them in 2-3 days, this really helps me out and makes it easy ordering product from Weatherbloc on the internet, thanks I will be ordering more soon.  John, Visual Changes.