Know Why Weather-Bloc's Building Materials Outperform All Others !!!

They Were Created By A Former Master Builder & Consultant With 50 + Years Experience In Construction

As the President of Weather-Bloc Systems, with 35+ years as a former builder and construction consultant, I understand first hand how buildings should be built and what it takes to make them last for a Life-Time. I am probably the only manufacture in the World that spent his entire life, 50+ years in the construction industry, seeing just every type of leak and problem that can occur. 

Over 20 years ago when I was still building. I started developing and patenting  products and worked on developing adhesives that can be applied in all weather conditions and offer long-term sealing compared to what was available on the market that did not have the ability to do this.

Working closely with adhesive chemists, we had a major breakthrough and developed an advanced sealing adhesive we call,  MICRO-GRAB, which allows our products perform at a level never seen before. It offers superior sealing in all weather conditions and pretty much makes asphalt, butyl and other sealing products obsolete.

With utilizing our new adhesive technology and many years of building experience, for the last 20 years I started developing cost effective products to help eliminate the ongoing problems with leaks and building deficiencies that still exist in the 21st century building industry and also to help prevent and eliminate the billions of dollars spent each year on costly premature repairs because of these leaks.

All Weather-Bloc products are designed and created to solve a problem, maximize a buildings efficiency and to eliminate leaks to preserve the structural integrity of the building long-term. And with our advanced sealing adhesive that allows our products to be applied in all weather conditions, no matter how cold or wet the conditions, they will outperform other competing products, WE GUARANTEE IT.



  • Develop Products To Better Protect Buildings From Water Infiltration And Damage And To Help Prevent Mold, Fungus, Decay And A Early Demise
  •  Design Building Products That Can Increase A Buildings Energy Efficiency To Reduce Rising Monthly Utility Cost
  • Make Products So They Can Be Applied In All Extreme Cold  And Wet Weather Conditions To Reduce Costly Downtime
  • Design Building Materials / Products So They Are Cost Effective, Labor Saving And Can Be Easily Applied
  • Manufacture Building Products With Highest Quality AMERICAN MADE Materials So They Can Give A Life-Time Of Sealing Protection And Energy Savings


Todd Bushberger Pres./Owner