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Product Description
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Scuf-Tuf™ Wood Floor Protection is a special formulated film designed to bond to surfaces without the use of adhesive so no residue is left embedded in the floor.
Scuf-Tuf is safe for all surfaces and the easiest and most cost effective solution to protecting hardwood flooring from being damaged from heavy foot traffic, chairs/tables, excessive wear and tear.

Basic Uses
Anything that needs protection that it can cling to - Wall, Floors, Gym Floors, Tubs and Etc.

Reduces Damage

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Using adhesive backed films on wood floors to protect the finish from getting damaged will not only ruin the finish but will leave adhesive residue imbedded into the wood grains damaging the finish which is extremely expensive to repair and refinish.

An Ounce of Prevention

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You’ve made the investment in your flooring so what can you do to help ensure your flooring stays looking like new? Installing Scuf-Tuf is really a great way to protect the floor from high traffic events or even during construction.

Help protect floors when grit gets stuck to the bottom of shoes which can really scratch floors and ruin finishes.

  • Safe for all surfaces to be protected
  • Bonds to surfaces with No Adhesive
  • Does not require mechanical fasteners or taping to keep it in place
  • No costly cleanup from sticky residue imbedded
  • Fast & easy installation, just press in place
  • Superior tear & puncture resistance to others
  • Non-skid surface and easy to clean
  • Commercial grade strength for wear resistance
  • Cost effective and labor saving
  • Can be applied to almost any clean dry wood surface
  • Re-Useable and 100% Recyclable
  • No VOCs and Environmentally Friendly
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA

Available Sizes


24" x 300'

36" x 300'










Customizable Sizes Available

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