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are not only laboratory tested but field tested to conditions more harsh, more extreme than few structures will ever encounter and are still able to operate above code specifications and requirements. They raise performance standards everywhere they are used, providing levels of protection unavailable from alternative. All Weather-Bloc’s Energy Saving and Sealing Products come with our advanced adhesive technology Micro-Grab™. This adhesive technology allows our products to be installed no matter how wet or cold the weather conditions eliminating down time, maintaining your schedule and reducing labor costs.

Specialty Products

Best New Products
This collection of varied products offers innovative solutions with a wide array of features and benefits.
Protect your wood floors from foot traffic
Scuf-Tuf™ Wood Floor Protection is a special formulated film designed to bond to surfaces without the use of adhesive so no residue is left embedded in the floor.

Great Protection from Foot Traffic

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Energy seperator for wood or metal trusses
Truss-tite is a gasket that is designed as a thermal break for roof trusses. This product creates a thermal break that reduces the flow of energy between the top plate and the roof truss or other truss intersections.

Reduce the Truss Thermal Flow!

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Protect your carpeting even in your car truck
Kling-Tite™ Super Surface Protection is a special formulated film that has the ability to cling to most surfaces securely without the use of adhesive.

Adhesive Free!

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