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Our Products
are not only laboratory tested but field tested to conditions more harsh, more extreme than few structures will ever encounter and are still able to operate above code specifications and requirements. They raise performance standards everywhere they are used, providing levels of protection unavailable from alternative. All Weather-Bloc’s Energy Saving and Sealing Products come with our advanced adhesive technology Micro-Grab™. This adhesive technology allows our products to be installed no matter how wet or cold the weather conditions eliminating down time, maintaining your schedule and reducing labor costs.

Waterproofing Products

Seal concrete or seal wood deck
Our Foundation products cover a wide range of innovations that can help save time and future utility cost for the building owner.
Stop the dusting by sealing your concrete
Prime and Seal your concrete and extend the life. Stop the chalking that can damage concrete.

Lock Down the Quality

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Seal Your Deck
From Canvas to Concrete, WateRepel can seal almost anything. This green product maybe the best waterproofer on the market.

Waterproof almost anything.

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Sela Brick or Stone
Seals and protects masonry from water infiltration.

Great for Parapet Walls!

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Best way to seal concrete deep penetration
Compared to most lithium densifiers that only penetrate into the concrete 2" to 3", LITHIFIER™ permeates up to 7" deep. LITHIFIER is the safest and most cost effective way to prevent a damp, musty and an unhealthy basement environment.

Protect your Concrete from Moisture Damage

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Waterproofing building materials can extend the life of a building. Water can be very destructive and can cause serious structural issues to your buildings foundation. Water infiltration can create other unhealthy health conditions, such as mold. Many people are allergically irritated by mold and the odor that it causes. Waterproofing can save a building owner thousand of dollars over time.
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Weather-Bloc Systems manufactures a variety of building products such as window flashing tape, door flashing tape, sill sealers, gaskets, energy sealers, non-adhesive tapes, deck flashing, roofing products, caulks, adhesives, coatings, concrete products, masonry products, roofing products, SIPs, sip seam tape, sip caulk, foundation products, wall products and many more. Call us or check out our store to buy many of these products.