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Product Description
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DriMax™ is a special formulated clear water base sealer designed to offer long-term waterproofing protection. DRIMAX is a silicone/silane transparent waterproofing sealer and provides superior protection from wind driven rain on almost all porous masonry surfaces.

DriMax is fast drying, leaves no tacky finish, provides a low cost application and produces a water repellent surface without staining or significantly changing the color of the concrete or masonry surface. It requires no special tools to apply, can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on.
Basic Uses
Seals masonry and offers excellent protection to concrete, stone, brick, block, stucco, terra cotta and terrazzo.
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• Seals and Protects Masonry
• Dries Transparent and Can be Painted
• Excellent Coverage and Fast curing
• Leaves NO Tacky Surface
• Only Requires one Application
• Designed for all Masonry surfaces
• Performs in Extreme Weather Conditions
• Gives Excellent Protection from Wind Driven Rain

200 square feet per gallon.
Available Sizes


1 Gal







Customizable Sizes Available

We believe that Xtreme Weather Flashing tape is the best on the market. We believe it is better than all others flashing tapes including 3M 8067, DuPont Tyvek Tape, Nashua Select, Protecto Super Stick, Grace Vycor Plus, Protecto Wrap Bt-25XI, Henkel OSI TeQ Flash, Windowwrap PSX-20, MFM WindowWrap PowerBond, Henry Blueskin WB, barricade Ulti-Flash, Mpn 45804, Nashua Optiflash, Polyguard, York RESHS09, Shadowlastic, Baricade, Aquaseal Hyband, Adchem DrainFlash and Typar Flashing.