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Max-Shield™ Perimeter Flashing

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Product Description
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Max-Shield™ Perimeter Flashing Tape meets the new 2012 Energy Code for sealing around perimeter junctures. This flexible membrane expands and contracts with the structure, but will not tear or loosen. Designed to be installed over the joint of the foundation and the sill plate or bottom wall plate, this high performance tape will adhere in extreme cold and wet weather due to having MicroGrab™ Adhesive Technology.

Max-Shield prevents air and moisture infiltration, protects structural framing and helps reduce utility costs.
Basic Uses
Max-Shield can be used on any joint that needs to stop air or moisture infiltration. Works great at sill plate line or even the bottom plate line.
• Prevents Air and Moisture Infiltration
• Strongest Tape on the Market
• Moves With Joint Expansion and Contraction
• Conforms to Surfaces Irregularities
• Stays Flexible Forever
• Peel and Stick Installation
• Maintains a Permanent Seal
• No Primer Required
• Widest Range of Installation Temperatures
• Compatible with All Building Materials
• Stops Energy Loss
• Stops Bugs from Entering at Joint
• Micro-Grab Adhesive Technology
• 5 year Shelf Life
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA
Additional Features
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This product will not drool in higher heat conditions.
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Our special Micro-Grab Technolgy allows the adhesive to adhere in wet conditions. Testing has shown that it can even be installed under water.
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This product will stay Flexible Forever giving it the advantage of moving with the expansion and contraction of the building.
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Peel and Stick application for fast, accurate installation.
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Able to withstand movement and still stay incredibly strong under the harshest conditions.
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By not allowing air and moisture to enter into the building envelope, one can save on utility cost.
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Made with Pride in the
United State of America.
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Designed and manufactured with environmental awareness, this product is VOC Complaint and earth friendly.
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Micro-Grab Technology is the most advance adhesive in the world with vastly superior properties including hot, cold and wet weather adhesion.

Stop Energy Loss
with the best insurance money can buy

The hardest area to seal and the #1 spot for energy loss is between the foundation and the sill plate. Building codes require this area to be sealed but unfortunately the materials used in the past have failed. Traditional products such as sill sealers, spray foam and caulk fall short of long-term protection. They fail because they are not engineered to accommodate the massive movement of this location - concrete shrinks and wood absorbs and dissipates moisture (expanding and contracting) depending on the season.
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The photo illustrates how moisture can enter in at the sill plate and start to rot the wood. Notice that the moisture is even starting to effect the concrete foundation.

Max-Shield is the perfect product for this area because no matter what you use under the sill plate, this product can protect the joint for air and moisture intrusion. If your regular system fails this can back it up. Due to its superior strength and Micro-Grab Technology, Max-Shield will always perform at the highest level and has the ability to reduce energy costs up to 35%.
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After a building is built, materials such as concrete and wood start to shrink. Concrete can shrink up to an 1/8" on a foundation wall depending how we the concrete mix. Wood can shrink considerable (1/16") depending on how green it was at installation. This shrinkage can cause a considerable gap at the bottom of the wall plate and the sill plate. The infrared photo below illustrates air entering in at the sill due to shrinkage.
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Department of Energy estimates that heat loss from this area can be as much as 40%. This makes it the number one area for loss. Conventional sill sealers do not seam to work, so many building consults haves started to use sill sealer and caulk. This joint is under high stress and caulk just does not provide a long-term seal.

When our Weather-Bloc's Sill Seal is not used, air gaps can and do occur at the plate lines. One way to provide attention to this detail is to use Max-Shield as a cover to tape to protect this joint. Max-Shield can bond to the concrete and wood to provide a excellent stop to air and moisture infiltration.

Available Sizes


6" x 75'







Customizable Sizes Available

We believe that Xtreme Weather Flashing tape is the best on the market. We believe it is better than all others flashing tapes including 3M 8067, DuPont Tyvek Tape, Nashua Select, Protecto Super Stick, Grace Vycor Plus, Protecto Wrap Bt-25XI, Henkel OSI TeQ Flash, Windowwrap PSX-20, MFM WindowWrap PowerBond, Henry Blueskin WB, barricade Ulti-Flash, Mpn 45804, Nashua Optiflash, Polyguard, York RESHS09, Shadowlastic, Baricade, Aquaseal Hyband, Adchem DrainFlash and Typar Flashing.