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Our Products
are not only laboratory tested but field tested to conditions more harsh, more extreme than few structures will ever encounter and are still able to operate above code specifications and requirements. They raise performance standards everywhere they are used, providing levels of protection unavailable from alternative. All Weather-Bloc’s Energy Saving and Sealing Products come with our advanced adhesive technology Micro-Grab™. This adhesive technology allows our products to be installed no matter how wet or cold the weather conditions eliminating down time, maintaining your schedule and reducing labor costs.

Masonry & Concrete Products

Best products for concrete Masonary and foundations
These ingenious products help protect, extend life and lower operating cost for concrete and masonry components.
Best way to seal your box sill or sole plate
No other product maximizes a buildings Energy Efficiency more Cost Effectively than Triple Seal Energy Sill Seal. Combining the gasket seal of ENERGY SILL SEAL and the air & moisture barrier protection of MAX-SHIELD, gives you the ultimate protection from air & moisture infiltration that can deplete your building of over 35% of its energy efficiency

Reduce Utility Cost Up To 35%!

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Flexible wall flashing
No Droll, Thru-Wall Flashing protects the wall structure behind brickwork from mold, mildew and decay due to water infiltration.

Stops Moisture Penetration!

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Concrete expansion joint
XpanX Concrete Joint Filler helps prevent concrete from joint cracking and walls and structures from shifting when concrete expands.

Helps Provided a Flexible Seal!

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Footing water stop
WaterStop Transition Boot helps seal off moisture migration through the foundation wall and footing assembly.

Stop Moisture at the Footing Line!

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Best caulk for sealing joint in concrete, wood cement fiber and others
JointLoc™ uses an advanced formula of superior polymer technology. This industrial strength sealant provides superior adhesion even in wet and freezing conditions.

Awesome for Joints

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Footings and foundations may be the most important structural part of a building. Weather -Bloc has designed numerous product dedicated to protecting the foundation and ensuring your building has a solid foundation.

Protecting the foundation really starts by keeping it dry and free from serious cracks. Concrete is not waterproof, and waterproofing the foundation is fundamental. Make sure proper drainage is in place.

With the energy code insulation is required on the outside of the foundation which adds additional challenges to the foundation. The exposed insulation needs to covered and moisture needs to drain properly. Check out our InsulGuard foundation insulation protection for a great solution to covering insulation.

The most important aspect to protect is the intersection of the foundation and structural framing. That joint between the wood and concrete is one of the hardest area to stop air and moisture infiltration - check out our Triple Seal Energy Sill Sealer to protect this area.
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