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Our Products
are not only laboratory tested but field tested to conditions more harsh, more extreme than few structures will ever encounter and are still able to operate above code specifications and requirements. They raise performance standards everywhere they are used, providing levels of protection unavailable from alternative. All Weather-Bloc’s Energy Saving and Sealing Products come with our advanced adhesive technology Micro-Grab™. This adhesive technology allows our products to be installed no matter how wet or cold the weather conditions eliminating down time, maintaining your schedule and reducing labor costs.

Caulks & Sealants

Flexible Caulk and sealants
Our high performance sealants are designed to withstand extreme substrate shrinkage and movement.
Best caulk for sealing joint in concrete, wood cement fiber and others
JointLoc™ uses an advanced formula of superior polymer technology. This industrial strength sealant provides superior adhesion even in wet and freezing conditions.

Awesome for Joints

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Caulk that elgonates with the roof uto 600%
RoofLoc™ Sealent is specially formulated for final detailing and sealing of any roof penetrations in commercial roof applications. It is an acrylic urethane elastomeric sealant that offers superior adhesion, elasticity and exceptional durability.

700% Elongation

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Great metal roof caulk that adheres to kynar
MetalLoc™ Sealant uses advanced polymer technology to provide superior adhesion for metal roofing systems.

Excellant Bond to Kynar

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Professional Grade Caulks and Sealants
This Pro Formula™ Sealant passes the contractor test for reliability in a door and window caulk. As structures move and settle, ElastoPreme is designed to stay flexible and remain waterproof.

800% Elongation

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Extending roof life and creating an environment of stopping leaks offers long term-assurance through a variety of cutting-edge products. Some of our products reduct operating costs by lowering utilities and extending product life.

Under structure of decks need protection as well. Moisture can cause structural deck framing to rot and decay. Our deck product help extend the life of the deck by providing moisture protection.

Pro Seal Caulks: Through tireless research, our lab has developed the perfect formulations for the professional builder. Each sealant has been specially formulated to perform in the harshest, demanding conditions. Our sealants are so advanced that no other product offers more long-term protection.
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