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Product Description
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GripTite™ Ice and Water Seal is an anti-skid cross laminated re-enforced roofing membrane. GripTite provides an additional layer of waterproofing protection to vulnerable roof areas. Combined with peel and stick MicroGrab™Adhesive Technology, this high performance membrane will adhere in extreme cold and wet weather. Ice damming and windblown rain can not penetrate the adhesion to the roof deck. This high performance product will self-seal when nails are driven through the membrane.
Basic Uses
Use in valleys, eaves, hips, rakes, ridges walls and even skylights. Can be used on new or existing decks.
  • Contours Better Providing Better Adhesion
  • Will Not Fracture in Cold Weather
  • Lighter Weight and Easier to Carry
  • Peel and Stick Installation
  • Split-Back Release Liner
  • Widest Range of Installation Temperatures
  • Maintains a Permanent Seal
  • Seals Around Nails Like a Gasket
  • Textured Surface for Better Grip
  • Great Against High Winds
  • 100 % Air and Moisture Block
  • Works Well on All Roof Pitches
  • Can Be Applied on Damp Deck
  • Compatible with All Building
  • No Primer Required
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 5 Year Shelf Life
  • Environmentally Friendly with NO VOCs
  • Made in USA
Additional Features
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Peel and Stick application for fast, accurate installation.
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Able to withstand movement and still stay incredibly strong under the harshest conditions.
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By not allowing air and moisture to enter into the building envelope, one can save on utility cost.
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This product will stay Flexible Forever giving it the advantage of moving with the expansion and contraction of the building.
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Crossed linked to provide elongation with recovery properties.
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Can be installed successfully at temperature as low as -30° F.
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Made with Pride in the
United State of America.
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Designed and manufactured with environmental awareness, this product is VOC Complaint and earth friendly.
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Micro-Grab Technology is the most advance adhesive in the world with vastly superior properties including hot, cold and wet weather adhesion.

Synthetic Ice and Water
Works Better Long-Term

Roofing underlayment are one of the most overlooked building products on the market but recent events have shed new light to their real importance. The most important underlayment is what is know as the Ice and Water, which is used in the most leak prone areas such as edges, valleys, etc.

The difference between good performing and poor performing ice and water underlayment is its ability to stick. Not only stick but stick in conditions that are usually less than desirable - after all weather is not predictably perfect and job site are not 100% clean. This sticking is critical to it being waterproof. (
Read the "Stick Later Myth" below)

The other differences are the performance characteristic such as UV degradation, tear strength and blow off resistence. These are properties that can not be met easily with asphalt based ice and water underlayments, only designed synthetics can meet the challenge.
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Weather-Bloc's Grip-Tite™ Ice and Water Seal is the first Synthetic Ice and Water that out performs all of the competition. This high performance underlayment sticks in almost all condition - hot, cold, wet but also is UV resistance strong and has the ability to withstand blow-offs. Lighter to carry and installation that can be done at a wider temperature range (-30ºF - 240ºF) makes Grip-Tite the best ice and water underlayment on the market.
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Understanding the "Stick Later Myth"

"It is not stick right now but when the sun warms it up it will bond." This stick later myth has really really hurt the construction industry. The fact is that really not true.

"If it does not stick it does not seal." If a peel and stick underlayment does not adhere and create an water/air tight bond, it will never be able to keep moisture and air from entering in.

When the release paper is pulled off the asphalt based adhesive, the oxidation process begins. When oxidation starts asphalt starts to lose its flexibility and begins to harden and become brittle. Once this oxidation process begins, bonding becomes more difficult and eventually impossible.

Won't the sun heat up the asphalt and make it stick? If it is already oxidized it is not likely in field conditions. . If the asphalt is not fully oxidized the temperature to get regular asphalt to its soften point is 204ºF - 215ºF. Modified or rubberized asphalt will begin to soften at 185ºF - 210ºF. Does a roof or wall get that hot on a summer day? Most studies show the highest roof temperatures (black shingles) in the south is 180º F, that is on the hottest days. In the central and northern climates the temperatures are less. Lighter colored materials will have a lower temperature by 7ºF - 15ºF.

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Butyl blend adhesives have been introduced into the market as an alternative to regular asphalt. Unfortunately, they have not turn out to be the answer either. "What we have seen from butyl is this drying out that seriously effects the product long-term."

The bottom line is that this myth about adhesives sticking later has caused brought much confusion and liability to the construction industry. The alternative is to have something that will stick right away, in any weather. The answer is clear Micro-Grab™ adhesive technology by Weather-Bloc. No guessing, no hoping, Micro-Grab adheres every time.
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We believe that Xtreme Weather Flashing tape is the best on the market. We believe it is better than all others flashing tapes including 3M 8067, DuPont Tyvek Tape, Nashua Select, Protecto Super Stick, Grace Vycor Plus, Protecto Wrap Bt-25XI, Henkel OSI TeQ Flash, Windowwrap PSX-20, MFM WindowWrap PowerBond, Henry Blueskin WB, barricade Ulti-Flash, Mpn 45804, Nashua Optiflash, Polyguard, York RESHS09, Shadowlastic, Baricade, Aquaseal Hyband, Adchem DrainFlash and Typar Flashing.