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Product Description
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MetalLoc™ Sealant uses advanced polymer technology to provide superior adhesion for metal roofing systems. Using this advanced sealant technology, MetalLoc was specially formulated to stay watertight and yet accommodate building movement. This sealant forms a flexible, air tight water resistant seal that maintains its integrity without fracturing and can be installed in wet and cold weather. Will never crack, peel or separate.
Basic Uses
Can be used on projections, pipes, vents, termination bars, field seams, butt joints, fish mouths, pitch pans, soil stacks and wall joints.
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• Works great on Kynar coated metal
• Can apply in cold and wet conditions
• UV Resistant and stays flexible
• Odor free with no VOCs
• Paintable in 1 hour with water-based paints
• Will not mold or mildew
• ASTM C-920 Class 25
• USDA and FDA approved
• Lifetime seal
• No VOCs and Environmentally Friendly
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA
A 10 fl oz cartridge will extrude approx. 30.6 ft of a 1/4” (6 mm) bead. A 10 fl oz cartridge will extrude approx. 13.6 ft of a 3/8” bead.
Available Sizes


10.1 oz







Customizable Sizes Available

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