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Product Description
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Solar Shield™ Elastomeric Roof Coating is a specially formulated reflective elastomeric roof coating that reflects 93% of infrared rays of the sun and is designed for category 5 weather conditions. This product can dramatically reduce roof temperatures saving on air conditioning cost. It dries to a thick rubber-like membrane.

What makes this coating superior to other roof coatings is its elongation and flexibility properties to expand and contract with roof surfaces even in cold weather conditions. Solar Shield has excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces, including asphalt shingles, built-up roofs, urethane foam, concrete, gravel roofs, cement tiles, galvanized metal, wood and just about all other surfaces. It is not affected by salt water. When applied to metal, Solar Shield will help prevent corrosion. It has extreme durability and can withstand intense heat as well as hurricane wind conditions.

Basic Uses
Solar Shield can be used where a water tight seal is crucial. Not only can it repair and seal existing roofs, but can repair leaky gutters, gaps around chimney flashing, valleys, vents, skylights and just about any other area of the roof there is water infiltration.

How to Stop Window and Door Leaks

Black colored roofs have many disadvantages as the can get very hot, consuming more energy and more importantly speeding up the deterioration process of the roofing system. The solution is a “Cool Roof.” Using Solar Shield Elastomeric Roof Coating can help create that cool roof.
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Using solar shield can lower cooling costs and extend roof life by apply its light colored coating over an existing roof. This coatings can provide a water tight surface as well as reflecting heat and reducing heat transfer to the inside of the building. By reducing the roof temperature it can also extends the life of HVAC systems and reduces maintenance costs.
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The use of Solar Shield on roof surfaces is a simple building solution that can save money and extend building life. Beyond the building itself, Solar Shield roofs can also help the environment and local communities by reducing the “Urban Island Effect.”Reducing roof temperature can also save power from the local power plant lowering peak electricity demand and reducing plant emissions. Solar Shield may work toward providing LEED credits.
  • For Residential or Commercial Use
  • Can Be Used on New or in Repairing Existing Roofs
  • Dramatically lowers roof temperatures
  • Reflects over 93% of infrared rays of the Sun
  • Energy saving, reduces air conditioning costs
  • No special equipment or tools needed to apply coating
  • Easy soap and water cleanup, saves time, money and labor
  • More cost effective than most other roof coatings or systems
  • Superior flexibility to expand and contract with roof surfaces
  • Offers extreme durability and greater waterproofing protection
  • Not effected by salt water and helps protect metal from corrosion
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all types of surfaces in all environments
  • No VOCs and Environmentally Friendly
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA

Available Sizes


1 Gallon

5 Gallons










Customizable Sizes Available

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