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Our Products
are not only laboratory tested but field tested to conditions more harsh, more extreme than few structures will ever encounter and are still able to operate above code specifications and requirements. They raise performance standards everywhere they are used, providing levels of protection unavailable from alternative. All Weather-Bloc’s Energy Saving and Sealing Products come with our advanced adhesive technology Micro-Grab™. This adhesive technology allows our products to be installed no matter how wet or cold the weather conditions eliminating down time, maintaining your schedule and reducing labor costs.

Flashing Tape

Flashing tape for window and doors
All of our flashing tapes are 100% air and moisture barriers that are self-adhered peel and stick products.
Window and door flashing tape
WeatherMax is designed to adhere is super wet conditions, even under water. Avoid weather delays and save money using Weather-Max with Mirco-Grab™ adhesive technology.

Wet OSB, No problem - Max Sticks!

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Best flashing tape on the market
Xtreme Weather Flashing Tape is our best air and moisture barrier for around windows and doors.
Alaskan Grade
Micro-Grab™ Adhesive allows it to stick in super cold Weather (-30ºF) and even in wet condition, even underwater.

Find out why contractors everywhere are switching to this incredible tape.

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Stucco or EIFS Crack tape for joints or flashing
Insulation joint have a tendency to crack and open allowing moisture to ruin a EIFS or Stucco system. Commercial Crack Control has been engineered to be an anti-fracture tape that moves independently with each substrate.

Tape Expands and Contracts with substrate.

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Residential tape for Stucco or EIFS Crack tape for joints or flashing
This residential product is perfect for sealing joints on EIFs and Stucco. Works with EPS and XPS to form a water and moisture barrier at the joint.

Surface has superior bonding capacity.

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Creat tape for OSB joints
Seam Sheathing Tape is design to aid in reducing moisture and air infiltration at the seams. This product will adhere to OSB even in wet or freezing weather conditions and really is a fur flashing tape.

Waterproof Tape for Seams

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Best SIP or SIPs tape on the market for joints sticks to OSB
SIPs Seam Tape has been designed to withstand heavy building movement and provide a air and moisture barrier. Sips Seam Tape has superior strength and will not tear even under the most severe building movement.

Sticks to even Wet OSB

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Through wall or thru wall flashing tape
No Droll, Thru-Wall Flashing protects the wall structure behind brickwork from mold, mildew and decay due to water infiltration.

Masonry Flashing that lasts!

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Tape for house wrap
Seam Rap Tape is a peel and stick house wrap tape that block both moisture and air infiltration at the joint or rips.
House Wrap Tape That Bonds!
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Joint Tape for FRP or fiberglass reinforced panel
This peel and stick tape allows for joint movement but will not split or tear. Coat it with matching paint and the system is complete.
Makes the joint waterproof.
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Weather Bloc's DuctTite™ HVAC Foil Flashing Tape uses Micro-Grab technology, which insures our adhesive adheres to the ducts.

Performs even better outside!

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Seal your box sill
Max-Shield Perimeter Sill Flash stops air/ moisture infiltration and protect structural framing at the foundation/ wall assembly. This Peel & Stick tape offers super strength and easy application.

Can reduce Utility Costs by 15%

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Protect the top of your insulation with flexible Z channel
Z Flex is a Flexible Z Channel Tape that creates a waterproof detail where two different plains need to transition. Comes in roll form for easy transport and installation.

Seal Off the Top of Your Foundation Insulation!

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Air and moisture infiltration is the prime factor in building damage, and can lead to structural damage as well as an unhealthy structure. Every year billions of dollars are spent combating air and moisture infiltration and repairing its harmful effects.

When it comes to preventing air and moisture infiltration into a building, flashings are on the front lines. Installed around windows, doors, and other penetrations, flashing protects the building envelope and defend a building against unwanted infiltration and its consequences.

Weather-Bloc is the leading manufacturer of in air and moisture barriers and protective flashing tapes. Our Micro-Grab™ Adhesive Technology offers the best flashing adhesive on the market today. Our performance is lab tested and field approved and we back it up with a “Life Time Satisfaction Guarantee.”

All of our tapes are designed to be installation friendly by eliminating the need for priming and heated storage. Our flashing tapes stay elastic and maintain a permanent watertight seal without drooling under high temperature applications. Using the most advance chemistry, all of our flashing tapes are Manufactured Green and in the United States.
Weather-Bloc Systems manufactures a variety of building products such as window flashing tape, door flashing tape, sill sealers, gaskets, energy sealers, non-adhesive tapes, deck flashing, roofing products, caulks, adhesives, coatings, concrete products, masonry products, roofing products, SIPs, sip seam tape, sip caulk, foundation products, wall products and many more. Call us or check out our store to buy many of these products.
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