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Product Description
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Never before has there been a Flashing Tape that can perform at this level. Xtreme Weather™ Flashing Tape outperforms our competition in all weather conditions no matter how cold or wet the conditions are. Using the most advanced chemistry to create an "Alaskan Grade."

Xtreme Weather™ Flashing Tape meets and exceeds ASTM E-2112 for sealing around windows and doors. Manufactured with a high strength, puncture resistant facer, this tapes performs as a great air and moisture barrier. This high performance tape will adhere in extreme cold and wet weather due to having MicroGrab™ Adhesive Technology.

Xtreme Weather Flashing Tape is another component that contributes towards a secondary line of defense against exterior moisture penetration of the wall envelope. This tape is 100% water proof.
Basic Uses
This waterproof tape can be used on new or existing construction for fenestration products such as patio doors, entrance doors, windows and skylights as a flashing-waterproof material. Can be used as a patch material on house wrap.
  • Peel and Stick
  • 100% Air and Moisture Barrier
  • Twice as Strong as Other Tapes
  • Seals around nails
  • Adheres at - 30º F
  • Stays Elastic, Does Not Oxidize or Dry Out
  • No Primer Required
  • No Drool or Staining
  • Stick to House Wraps
  • Widest Range of Installation Temperatures
  • Available in 4 Widths
  • Workable for Precise Placement
  • Thin Design for Better Formability
  • Compatible with All Building Materials
  • No Heated Storage Required
  • Helps Stop Energy Loss
  • Conforms to Surfaces Irregularities
  • Compatible with All Building Materials
  • Helps Stop Mold and Mildew
  • 5 year Shelf Life
Additional Features
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Peel and Stick application for fast, accurate installation.
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Able to withstand movement and still stay incredibly strong under the harshest conditions.
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By not allowing air and moisture to enter into the building envelope, one can save on utility cost.
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This product will stay Flexible Forever giving it the advantage of moving with the expansion and contraction of the building.
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Crossed linked to provide elongation with recovery properties.
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Can be installed successfully at temperature as low as -30° F.
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Made with Pride in the
United State of America.
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Designed and manufactured with environmental awareness, this product is VOC Complaint and earth friendly.
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Micro-Grab Technology is the most advance adhesive in the world with vastly superior properties including hot, cold and wet weather adhesion.

Should Flashing Tape Stick ?

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Absolutely!!! The entire purpose of flashing tape is to seal the window frame to the wall substrate. If flashing tape does not stick it does not seal. If the tape does not adhere and create an water/air tight bond, it will never be able to keep moisture and air from entering in. Flashing tape sticking is absolutely imperative to the success of the building envelope.

Weather conditions on job sites are not always perfect - many time it is colder than 40° and wet. Morning dew and overnight rains can make job sites very wet. Most flashing tapes do not adhere in wet or cold conditions making them totally ineffective.

So why do contractors use these ineffective flashing tapes? Many have been told that when sun heats up, the tape will magically bond. This is totally misleading and untrue. If flashing tapes do not stick when it initially installed, it will never stick effectively. Once the release line is removed, the product's adhesive starts to oxidize and in a short time losses its sealing capability.

This non-sticking dilemma that has plagued our industry for years, but now been solved by Weather-Bloc.
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Bonding is the joining of two substrates using an adhesive. Adhesion is the adhering of similar or different types of materials to each other.

Most flashing tapes on the market today are asphalt or butyl based. Asphalt is derived from oil and is very inexpensive but typically not very effective. Butyl is derive from tree sap and has a higher tack and slightly wider temperature range. It is recommended that these products must use a primer to have any hope of adhesion.

These types of adhesives undergo a metabolic change from a liquid to a solid, which happens over a period of time or is accelerated when the release backer is removed. This metabolic change is also know as oxidation. When oxidation happens in adhesives they change and loss their ability to bond. It is not possible to reverse oxidation in the field, therefore the adhesive continues to loss it effectiveness. This is why the notion that "if it has trouble sticking from the start, it will likely never stick" is true.

Another property to these adhesives is that they dry out and become brittle over time. When they dry, they loss their ability to adhere allowing moisture and air to enter which can cause structural damage to the structure and higher energy cost.

The development of Micro-Grab Adhesive Technology, by Weather-Bloc is really changing the way we view adhesive in flashing tape. With this new technology, we now have the ability to bond to most surfaces, bond in cold or wet conditions and remain flexible. It does all of this without Drooling or needing the use of a primer.
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This graph illustrates the temperature range difference between asphalt, butyl and Micro-Grab. Notice that asphalt loses 50% of its adhesion at 65° and butyl loses 50% adhesion at 50°.
Available Sizes


4" x 15'

6" x 15'

4" x 75'

6" x 75'

9" x 75'

12" x 75'






















Customizable Sizes Available

We believe that Xtreme Weather Flashing tape is the best on the market. We believe it is better than all others flashing tapes including 3M 8067, DuPont Tyvek Tape, Nashua Select, Protecto Super Stick, Grace Vycor Plus, Protecto Wrap Bt-25XI, Henkel OSI TeQ Flash, Windowwrap PSX-20, MFM WindowWrap PowerBond, Henry Blueskin WB, barricade Ulti-Flash, Mpn 45804, Nashua Optiflash, Polyguard, York RESHS09, Shadowlastic, Baricade, Aquaseal Hyband, Adchem DrainFlash and Typar Flashing.