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Product Description
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Wrapid Pan™ Window is a patent pending door drainage pan system that allows moisture to drain freely away from the structure. This easy to install system is made in roll form using high-density PVC that can fit any size window or door system. Wrapid Pan is the most versatile, cost effective and easiest pan system to install.

Wrapid Pan™ Window kit comes with
Wic Dri Window Moisture Management System that allows moisture to flow out of the window but blocks air and moisture from pushing back under the bottom flange. This product is manufactured with a Micro-Grab™ self-adhering flange that provides a permanent seal that can be installed in most weather conditions.
Basic Uses
This waterproof tape can be used on new or existing construction for fenestration products such as patio doors, entrance doors, windows and skylights as a flashing-waterproof material. Can be used as a patch material on house wrap.
  • Installs in Less than 5 Minutes
  • Comes in Kit Form for Easy Installation
  • Does Not Require or Depend on Caulk or Fastners
  • Does Not alter Rough Opening Size
  • 100% Air and Moisture Barrier
  • Backdam for Positive Front Flow
  • Easy to Shim or Insulate under Door
  • Adjustable to Fit any Size
  • Front Face Protection
  • Conforms to Surfaces Irregularities
  • Adheres at - 30º F
  • No Primer Required
  • No Drool or Staining
  • Workable for Precise Placement
  • Thin Design for Better Formability
  • Compatible with All Building Materials
  • No Heated Storage Required
  • Helps Stop Energy Loss
  • Helps Stop Mold and Mildew
  • 5 year Shelf Life
  • Environmentally Friendly with NO VOCs
  • Made in USA
Additional Features
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Peel and Stick application for fast, accurate installation.
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Able to withstand movement and still stay incredibly strong under the harshest conditions.
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By not allowing air and moisture to enter into the building envelope, one can save on utility cost.
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This product will stay Flexible Forever giving it the advantage of moving with the expansion and contraction of the building.
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Crossed linked to provide elongation with recovery properties.
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Can be installed successfully at temperature as low as -30° F.
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Made with Pride in the
United State of America.
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Designed and manufactured with environmental awareness, this product is VOC Complaint and earth friendly.
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Micro-Grab Technology is the most advance adhesive in the world with vastly superior properties including hot, cold and wet weather adhesion.

How to Prevent Door Leaks ?

All windows and doors will leak under enough pressure. The question is where does the water go when it leaks and how can you prevent damage.
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Water infiltration that enters into structural framing of a building will cause rot, decay and mold. The key is having a plan to move the water out. The plan is using a pan - Wrapid Pan. The water gets in, Wrapid Pan get rid of it safely.
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Unlike other pan systems that require caulking in order to make the system work, absolutely no caulking is required with Wrapid Pan. We believe that after decades of hands-on experience in the construction industry, anytime caulk had to be used to make a system work, that system was failed from the start. Wrapid Pan has the flexibility to fit any window or door opening without changing the rough opening size. This system is so convenient, the materials to complete a patio door can fit in a shoebox and can be installed with one tool.
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The construction industry has been hit hard by millions of dollars on callbacks and claims because of leaking doors and windows. Poor design, poor installation and inadequate products can all be blamed for these issues. Due to these issues, it is imperative to have a “Moisture Management System.”

A big part of this Moisture Management System is having a pan system that works. A pan flashing is an element installed below every window and door designed to collect and direct any water that may leak through or around the opening back out to the exterior. As such, the sealing of the window or door assemblies into the rough opening should be made at the jamb and head of the window, however the sill should be left free to drain to the exterior.

Experts agree that there are 4 essential characteristics of pan flashing.
1. The pan flashing surface must be durable and provide a continuous water barrier without holes.
2. The pan flashing must have a back dam or positive slope to direct water to the outside of the wall.
3. The pan flashing must have has end dams at the sides to prevent water from moving laterally into the wall.
4. The pan flashing must have laps over the drainage plane beneath the opening.

Weather-Bloc says there is a 5th essential characteristic that may be the most important.
5. The pan flashing should not rely on caulk to keep it waterproof.

Wrapid Pan provides all five essential characteristics and has been tested and shown to offer the best protection and Moisture Management System on the market. The graph below is a water penetration test performed at API testing lab. Wrapid Pan not only passed the Residential requirements, it went over the cap for the US and Canada. Wrapid Pan simply achieved superior results.
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Available Sizes

Length of Kit



Door Depth*

A or B

A or B










* Window Depths A - depths 1"-3" B - depth 1"-6"

Customizable Sizes Available

We believe that Xtreme Weather Flashing tape is the best on the market. We believe it is better than all others flashing tapes including 3M 8067, DuPont Tyvek Tape, Nashua Select, Protecto Super Stick, Grace Vycor Plus, Protecto Wrap Bt-25XI, Henkel OSI TeQ Flash, Windowwrap PSX-20, MFM WindowWrap PowerBond, Henry Blueskin WB, barricade Ulti-Flash, Mpn 45804, Nashua Optiflash, Polyguard, York RESHS09, Shadowlastic, Baricade, Aquaseal Hyband, Adchem DrainFlash and Typar Flashing.