Doors and windows without flanges or nail fins can cause problems for flashing the window properly. Many installation are done very poorly when they
Add Nailing Fin to Window or Door
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This system works on any door or window that does not have a nailing flange. It could also work on any opening that needs a flange flashing that is covered.
Add-a-Flange™ is a peel and stick flange that offers a permanent seal for windows or doors by adding or replacing a nailing flange. This product is a Flange and flashing tape all in one. Composed of hi-density ridged polyethylene polymers, each sheet can be quickly installed due to a series of live, hinges that can conformed to almost any size or shape window and/or door profile. 

Combined with peel and stick MicroGrab™ Adhesive Technology, this high performance membrane will adhere in extreme cold and wet weather and create a long last air and moisture barrier.
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Features of adding a fine to window
Doors leak without fins or flanges
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