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Product Description
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Window Guard™ is a protective gasket seal designed to separate window or door frames from incompatible materials. Window Guard helps prevent damage to any claded window or door from corrosion and decolorizing from Stucco, Mortar, Cement and Acid based chemicals. This extremely cost effective product is made from closed cell cross-linked polyethylene and uses Weather Bloc's peel and stick MicroGrabTM Adhesive Technology that allows adhesion in extreme cold and wet weather.
Basic Uses
Works to protect the frame of doors or window. Anywhere a Thermal break or separation is needed.
Stop corrosion to the frame
Separates acids-based products from cladding
Helps prevent staining and oxidation
Creates a seal around frame
Adheres to damp, wet and cold surfaces
Peel and stick for easy install
• Separates and provides a thermal break
• Maintains a permanent seal
• Crossed Linked for Anti-Crush Properties
• Use as Backer Rod to Caulk
• No Primer Required
• Widest Range of Installation Temperatures
• Workable for Precise Placement
• Moves With Joint Expansion and Contraction
• Conforms to Surfaces Irregularities
• Stays Flexible Forever
• Peel and Stick Installation
• Stops Energy Loss
• Stops Bugs from Entering at Joint
• 5 year Shelf Life
• Environmentally Friendly with NO VOCs
• Made in USA
Additional Features
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Peel and Stick application for fast, accurate installation.
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Able to withstand movement and still stay incredibly strong under the harshest conditions.
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By not allowing air and moisture to enter into the building envelope, one can save on utility cost.
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This product will stay Flexible Forever giving it the advantage of moving with the expansion and contraction of the building.
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Crossed linked to provide elongation with recovery properties.
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Can be installed successfully at temperature as low as -30° F.
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Made with Pride in the
United State of America.
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Designed and manufactured with environmental awareness, this product is VOC Complaint and earth friendly.
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Micro-Grab Technology is the most advance adhesive in the world with vastly superior properties including hot, cold and wet weather adhesion.

Protect and Separate Door Frames

Architectural aluminum is widely used for window and door frames because it is attractive, durable, and requires little maintenance. However, unprotected aluminum interacts with cement-based materials, resulting in severe frame damage. IT is important to protect Metal window and door frames and Window Guard is one way to help.
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Damage to Window and Door frames often occur during the handling and installation. When masonry products, such as concrete, mortar or plaster come in contact with the metal frame due to run-down, splattering or splashing, serious corrosion problems can occur to the frames. Even after the units are installed, construction like brickwork or roofing can cause additional problems if the units are left unprotected. Even masonry dust can be a real challenge and should be removed immediately. Protecting the frames from these various elements may include plastic sheets, silicone and lubricant sprays and plastic tape (Kling-Tite) to cover items such as door and window frames and sills.
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Metal frames are generally corrosion resistant if anodized and properly sealed or painted with baked-on fluoropolymer paint but they are often subject to deterioration of the coating and corrosion of aluminum in severe (industrial, coastal) environments and galvanic corrosion from contact with dissimilar metals. Frame corner seals constructed using sealant are prone to disconnect from prolonged contact with moisture and from thermal and structural movements.
Another element of frames to be aware of is dissimilar metal corrosion. Dissimilar metal corrosion is an electrochemical process that destroys metal, reducing its thickness and strength. This corrosive reaction happens when these dissimilar materials are brought together in the presence of a catalyst. Dissimilar metals such as steel and aluminum are most prone to corrosion, in fact steel and aluminum react or corrode when they come in contact with each other. A great tip is to never use steel fasteners in aluminum framed doors or windows.
Available Sizes


3/4" x 25'







Customizable Sizes Available

Energy Triple Seal seal is better than Protecto Energy Sill Sealer or Triple Guard Energy Sill Sealer. Seals off three adhesive membrane areas and stops infiltration from framing and foundation, sill plate, mud sill and other interfaces. The only true self-adhesive air and moisture sill barrier with a cross-linked gasket.