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Product Description
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Metal Stud Protector™ is a peel and stick gasket product that helps protect metal studs. Whether it is used at the plate line or any other intersection, it helps prevent the oxidation process of contacting metals. Moisture contracting the metal stud can start the rusting process. Metal Stud Protector is a barrier that can stop air and moisture from traveling through a connection.
Basic Uses
Works to protect steel studs or anywhere a Thermal break or separation is needed.
Stop corrosion to the frame
Separates acids-based products
Helps prevent staining and oxidation
• Helps creates a seal around frame
Adheres to damp, wet and cold surfaces
Peel and stick for easy install
• Separates and provides a thermal break
• Maintains a permanent seal
• Crossed Linked for Anti-Crush Properties
• Can be used as backer rod to caulk
• No Primer Required
• Widest range of installation temperatures
• Moves with joint expansion and contraction
• Stops Energy Loss
• Stops Bugs from Entering at Joint
• Environmentally Friendly with NO VOCs
• Made in USA

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Made with Pride in the
United State of America.

Protect and Separate Steel Studs

Steel studs are commonly used for structural framing especially in the commercial building environment. However, steel studs that come in constant contact with moisture, like condensation, can rust and loss it structural capabilities. It is important to protect and sometimes critical to have a method of separation for these metal studs. Metal Stud Protector may be just the right product for separation applications.
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Available Sizes


3.5” x 25'







Customizable Sizes Available