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Weather-Bloc Systems advantage is understanding building and how the vast array of components are assembled to construct a building to its final stage. With 40+ years of construction knowledge and hands-on experience, Weather-Bloc has taken this experience and started developing products that help eliminate construction problems that still exist in 21st Century Building Industry.
Even with our modern technology, air and water leaks, still plaque the construction industry. These issues and the damage they cause, can lead to very serious health risks. New research has shown that 1 in 3 homes are unhealthy to live in due to mold problems and unhealthy air. Billions of dollars are spent every year in premature costly repairs, lawsuits and this does not even include the astronomical amount spent in health related issues. According to the US Department of Housing, “the number of children with asthma has doubled in the past 10 years.” These serious health facts are alarming and many homeowners, builders and building officials are looking to solve these issues.

For years building contractors have taken the blame for poor installation, however new research has found that most of the problems have been due to inferior building products and systems which do not seal properly and should of never been used for construction applications. Many “highly used and recommended building products” are not even capable of sealing to even the most common building materials in good weather conditions, yet alone in any inclement conditions which is real world environments.

Weather-Bloc Systems was formed to bring to the building industry cost effective sealing products that are designed to be used in all adverse conditions protecting buildings better than any competing products.  With the development of our Advanced Micro-Grab™ Adhesive Technology, our sealing products will outperform all other products in any type of weather condition, no matter how hot or cold. Our products offer the most long-term protection and are raising performance standards everywhere they are used.
Weather-Bloc is also doing its part to make the world a healthier and cleaner environment so we manufacture our products Green without the use of toxic or carcinogenic materials. Our production creates no VOCs, HCFCs or CFCs gases. All are non-allergenic, and do not release unhealthy vapors over time. The best part about our products is  they do not cost any more than products with half the performance and not environmentally safe.
The owner of Weather-Bloc System wants to offer the building industry new installation techniques, cost effective sealing products that can reduce a average buildings utility cost by over 35%, products recommended for certain applications and disclose products and applications that do not work and should be avoided. We call this new approach:  “Stop The Insanity.”

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Todd Bushberger
President, Weather-Bloc Systems, LLC
Our Mission is Simple:

  • Design products to improve a building’s energy efficiency
  • Develop products to solve callbacks & costly repairs
  • Make our products easy to install to reduce labor and errors
  • Manufacture an adhesive that performs in all weather conditions
  • Bring these products to the market cost effectively
  • Design these products to Last a Life-Time