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Foundation Insulation Protection System

Designed to give protection and finish the top of the exposed foundation insulation.

What makes Insul-Guard a great solution

  • Insul-Guard Is a cost effective way to protect foundation insulation above grade. It can also be used for waterproofing foundations above grade or just be used for enhancing the plain, unattractive look of concrete. It is ideal for protecting ICF’s because of it’s strength and durability.
  • Insul-Guard is made up of a lightweight, durable 100% waterproof, mold & mildew resistant composite that can withstand extreme blunt force from backfills and every day use of lawn equipment.
  • Insul-Guard can be mechanically attached or you can use our commercial grade double-back tape. The tape has no harmful V.O.C. so it will not harm the foam. It can be applied to wet surfaces and –40° F temperatures so there are no delays because of inclement weather.
  • Insul-Guard can be cut with a shears/snips so no special tools are needed. It saves money and a ton of labor because it can be installed in 75% less time than spray on coatings. It is also approx. 100x stronger than spray on coatings.
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Night and Day Difference

Cheap Plastic

Many of the old systems used cheap plastic which could not stand up to the rigors of a structures foundation. They could not hold up and:
- cracked
- buckled
- rippled
- oil canned

Space Age Composite

Insul-Guard has been designed and formulated with a composite material that has been proven to protect foundation insulation as well as provide a waterproofing system. The advantage of Insul-Guard is
- high impact resistance
- won’t buckled or oil can
- waterproof
- uv resistant

“They may look similar … but there is a Night and Day difference.”

Insul-Guard Advantages

  • default_titleImpact Resistant
  • default_title100% Waterproof
  • default_titleMold Resistant
  • default_titleUV Protection
  • default_titleSimple Installation
  • default_titleEasy to Clean
  • default_titleHelps Prevent Pests
  • default_titleReduces Utility Costs
  • default_titleThickness Adjustability
  • default_titleEast to Cut
  • default_titleLightweight for Transport
  • default_titleWill Not Corrode
  • default_titleWill Not Buckle
  • default_titleWill Not Ripple
  • default_titleNon-Conductive
  • default_titleNo VOCs
  • default_titleMade in USA
  • default_titleLifetime Limited Warranty
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Insul-Guard Foundation Composite

"Dress Up Your Foundation Insulation"

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Concrete Gray Color

WaterProof and UV Resistant
Super Durable
Impact Resistant


“Adjustable Z-Flashing”

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Concrete Gray Color

Accommodates Variable Thickness of Insulation
Comes in Roll Form
Adhesive Peel & Stick Overlap

Insul-Shield Flashing

“Waterproofs the Top Edge”

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Concrete Gray Color

Protects Top Edge From Infiltration
Very Aggressive Bonding Adhesive
Peel & Stick


“Compatible with All Foam Board”

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$4.99 Sold Out

Adheres to Foam Boards
High Grab Bonding Adhesive
No Need for Fasteners

Energy Sill Sealer

“Designed to be the Best Sill Sealer”

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Weather Stripping Gasket
Cross-Linked foam With Rebound Memory
Provides a Thermal Break
Peel and Stick For Fast Installation


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Roll Size Availability
12” Wide x 25’ Long
16” Wide x 25’ Long

Other Sizes Availability
4’ x 8’

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Protection Your Foundation
High Impact Resistant
Back Filling
Bugs and Pests
Weed trimmers and mower debris
100% Waterproof
Mold or mildew
Structural framing damage
Sill plate leakage

Enhance Curb Appeal
Clean look
Professional finish


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Roll Size Availability
25’ Long
100’ Long

Pre-Grooved Adjustment
Insulation thickness 1” - 3”
(Larger sizes available)

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Top of Insulation

Diverts Waterflow
Protection insulation
Prevents will plate leakage
Adjustable To 3” insulation
Pre-grooved for easy bending
Every 1/2” starting at 1” - 3”
Adjustable top for sloped or flat insulation

Peel & Stick Adhesive Down-Flap
Seal of top of Insul-Guard
Blocks air and moisture infiltration
Acts as a counter flashing


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Caulk Tube
9 oz

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Great Adhesion

Foam Board Adhesive

Adheres to all Foam Insulation
EPS, XPS and ISO foams
Does not harm foam
Clean Adhesion
Low or No VOCs
Environmentally Friendly
Meets State and Federal Codes
Low or No Odor
Holding Power
Strong but flexible bond
Bonds well to minor irregular surfaces


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Roll Size Availability
3” Wide x 75’ Long
6” Wide x 75’ Long

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Air & Moisture Barrier Tape

Reduces Energy Costs
Stops air flow
Protect foam R-value
Blocks water flow
Cold or Wet Adhesion
No weather delays
Real world conditions
Super Strong
25 X stronger
Permanent Bond
Punctured Resistant
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