What does it mean to be Pro Sealed?

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Goal at Weather-Bloc Systems is to provide superior products and help technicians install our products properly. We want our installing technician to know how to install our products, but more importantly why it should be done a certain way. We want technicians to understand the science of our products and installation so they won't take installation shortcuts as they will understand the consequences.

Pro Sealed means using trained technicians to install the most advanced sealing systems.

What are the advantage of becoming a
Pro Sealed Trained Technician?

Understanding how to seal a building properly for air and moisture can reduce call backs, lawsuits and unhappy customers. In todays economy, a contractors knowledge and reputation provides the advantage for long-term growth.

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1) Trained on correct installation and best practices
Weather-Bloc Systems' Pro Sealed Program gives contractors the advantage of understanding why sealing a building is so important and providing the tools for success. Via newsletters and videos provided by our teaching arm - I-Factor, information will be provided on proper installation techniques as well as understanding science of sealing.
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2) Must pass a comprehensive Test
Each teaching module will have a chapter test to make sure that student understands the material. Tests will be corrected and only students with passing grades will become "Pro Sealed."
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3) Pro Sealed Certificate
When the student passes the tests and becomes Pro Sealed, Weather-Bloc provides a certificate. This certificate represents that the student understands the proper seal techniques and materials needed. The Pro Sealed technician is now the one responsible for carry out this important knowledge into the field.
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4) Rewards Program
As part of the rewards for being a Pro Sealed Contractor, you will automatically be eligible for discounts/rebates on Weather-Bloc products and services.
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5) Referral and Leads Program
Weather-Bloc intent is to reward Pro Sealed Contractors by a referral system. This will done in stages through a variety of methods. See your enrollment information for more details.

How do I become a
Pro Sealed Trained Technician?
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Send us an e-mail at sales@weatherbloc.com
I want to be a Pro Sealed Trained Technician!