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Our Educational Videos engage our viewers and allow them to pause, rewind and watch again. Our products and installation are so cutting edge -
You have to see it to believe it.
Brick Mould Seal
Finally someone has come out with a great way to seal brick mould for Windows and Doors - Learn about this great new product. 2:12
WeatherMax Pro Flashing Tape
Why has this become know as our Wet and Wild Flashing Tape? Find out in this video what makes up the WeatherMax Difference. 1:42
Window Pan Moisture Management- Wrapid Pan W
When Windows secretly leak, where does the water go? What can be done about it? How can you stop the damage? Weather-Bloc Systems provides the answer with Wrapid Pan W 4:21
A Truly Unique Company - Find Out Why!
What makes Weather-Bloc Systems such a unique American Company. Is it their Innovations? Is their Chemistry and Science? Or is it their Technology? Check out their corporate video and see if you can figure it out. 2:14
Best Flashing Tape on the Market- Find Out Why
Weather-Bloc Systems does it again with this amazing tape that stick under water and in cold weather. Now with its Easy Start™ release paper, it is even faster and easier to install. Find out why contractors everywhere are saying this is "Americas Favorite Flashing Tape." 2:30
Use ThresTite to Stop Air and Moisture Infiltration at the Threshold
This video explains why the current method of installing exterior doors fails and how to use the new product ThresTite to eliminate future problems.

No more drafty doors! 3:33
Wic Dri Unlocks the Key to Moisture Management for Windows
This video demonstrates and solves the dilemma of what to do at the bottom of the window flange!

Stop those nagging call backs!
Xtreme Weather Flashing - Wet Conditions Test
This video demonstrates Xtreme Weather Flashing Tape in wet conditions against the competitors.

Who comes out on top?
Xtreme Weather Flashing - Under Water
Can you believe that Xtreme Weather Flashing Tape can go under water and still stick.

See it to believe it!!!!
Wrapid Pan - How to Install
This video shows Weather-Bloc'ds new Wrapid Pan window and door pan system. This is the most revolutionary pan system on the market.

Is it true that Wrapid Pan can be installed in less than 5 minutes?
Xtreme Weather Flashing - Features
This demonstration shows Weather-Bloc's flashing tape being applied under water and being taken directly from a walk in freezer and applied to OSB.

This makes all other flashing tapes obsolete!
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